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We have designed and fabricated the largest selection of rackmount kits for the VESA-standard mountable 15", 17", 18.1", 19", 20.1", and 21.3" TFT LCD monitors.   By using our rackmount hardware, you can rackmount your favorite flat monitor in a 19-inch rack.   It is very cost effective with our rackmount kit, and it looks great with its powdercoat finish.   Our standard finish is mini-textured black, but we can powdercoat to a color very close to meet your requirement, just send us a color sample.   Our designs feature both recess mounted and front-of-the-rack-rail mounted.   Our rackmount kits have the unique feed-thru "3-D" look and our patented picture-frame look.   We can also supply a clear Lexan protective window, and we are a reseller of touchscreens for all sizes of TFT LCD monitors.   Here are some models that we have designed:

  •Q-1517-RK for all TFT LCD monitors with a width of less than 17.5".
  •Q-1560-RK for Samsung 510N-2-Black or equivalent.
  •Q-1700-RK for Samsung 170N-Black, Viewsonic VP171b, or equivalent.
  •Q-1710-RK for 17" TFT LCD monitors that are less than 16.3" in width, and it can be modified to a "feed-thru" look like that of the Q-1910-RK-S to accommodate a number of monitors.
  •Q-1718-RK for all TFT LCD monitors that are less than 17.50" in height and 17.75" in width.
  •Q-1770-RK for Samsung 740T-Black or equivalent.
  •Q-1771-RK for Samsung 740Bx-Black or equivalent.
  •Q-1780-RK for Viewsonic VA712b 17" TFT LCD monitor
  •Q-1847-RK for Elotouch 1847L 18" touchscreen TFT LCD monitor
  •Q-1910-RK-S for Samsung 910T-Black, 912T-Black or equivalent.
  •Q-1910-RK-V for Viewsonic VP191b, or equivalent.
  •Q-1920-RK for HP L1902, HP f1903, Viewsonic VG901b or equivalent. Touchscreen capable.
  •Q-1930-RK for Viewsonic VP930b, or equivalent.
  •Q-1940-RK for Samsung 940T-Black, or equivalent.
  •Q-1941-RK for Samsung 940Bx-Black, or equivalent.
  •Q-1947-RK for Elotouch 1947L 19" TFT LCD touchscreen monitor.
  •Q-2010-RK for Viewsonic VP201b or equivalent.
  •Q-2020-RK for Elotouch 2020L 20" touchscreen or NEC 2080uxi or 2090uxi 20" TFT LCD monitor.
  •Q-2040-RK for Samsung 204T-Black or equivalent.
  •Q-2050-RK Triple-hinged design, swings out to the left, for 17" and 19" TFT LCD monitors.
 Please click on our prices for the rackmount kits.   We offer large quantity and reseller discounts.

Custom Designed Products

Our engineers are well seasoned in electronics design and fabrication.   We specialize in custom and quick turnaround designs.   We have completed many engineering design projects in which all were delivered well within the customers budget and time requirements.   Our goal as a company is to make the customer completely satisfied with the product they are getting.   We take pride in our worksmanship, strong infrastructure, and intellectual property.   We work with a number of quality shops in Ventura County, California, including
Hi-Tech Engineering for machining, Sessa Manufacturing for sheet metal fabrication, Rache Corp for laser engraving, HHG for powdercoating and silkscreening, Multilayer Prototype for printed circuit boards.

  • 36-channel AB switch
  •Q-4X4 RF Matrix Switch
  •Q-501-300 Switch Debounce Filter
  •Relay Boards
  •Signal Conditioner Boards
  •Professional Engineering Services

If you would like to contact us to discuss how we can solve your engineering needs, please call (805) 383-8855 or e-mail us.