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Assembly Instructions for the Q-1847-RK Rackmount Kit,

Specifically Designed for the EloTouch 1847L 18 Touchscreen monitor


Tools needed:


1.     11/32 socket wrench

2.     No. 2 Phillips screw driver

3.     Tie wrap tool

4.     Wire cutter, angle tipped is recommended.




1.     Spread the soft foam pad that comes with the packing material on a tabletop.


2.     Lay the monitor facing down. Remove the rear U-bracket. Be careful, for its edges are very sharp! Store it in the box for the monitor.



3.     Turn the monitor facing up. Remove the protective sheet of Mylar.


4.     Mount the Q-1847-RK rackmount kit over the monitor.


5.     Turn the monitor with the Q-1847-RK facing down. Insert No. 10 flat washer, No. 10 lock washer, and 10-32 nut into each one of the ten studs. Secure the nuts with an 11/32 socket wrench.



6.     Connect the power cable, VGA cable, touchscreen cable, control cable, and DVI-D cable if needed. Secure the cables with 4 tie wraps. Trim off the excess lengths of the tie wraps with an angler tipped wire cutter.


7.     The rackmount monitor is now ready to be installed into an equipment rack.


8.     Mount the monitor into equipment rack. Secure the monitor with four 10-32 X black screws and No. 10 nylon washers.





9.     Congratulations! You have just completed the one of the best-looking 18 touchscreen monitor.


10. If you have any questions or comments, please call Harry Lee, 805-484-2454 or e-mail to