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Assembly Instructions for mounting the Viewsonic VP171b TFT LCD Monitor onto the Q-1700-RK Rackmount Kit



Tool required:


1.     No. 2 Phillips screwdriver

2.     3/8 socket wrench

3.     Wire cutter, angle tipped is recommended.


1.     Remove the monitor from the stand: There are four Phillips round-head metric screws holding the stand. Remove the screws with No. 2 Phillips screwdriver and store them with the stand in the monitor box. In case of warranty service, you will have to reassemble the stand back on the monitor.


2.     Spread the thick packing foam that came in the package over a cleared surface or table. Then lay the monitor over the packing foam.


3.     Mount the rear Omega-bracket onto the monitor. Insert four No. 8 flat washers, four No. 8 spring lock washers, and four 4 mm X 12 mm metric screws into the four VESA mounting holes on the monitor, then tighten the metric screws with a No. 2 Philips screw driver.


4.     Attach the left and right side plates onto the Omega bracket. Adjust the positions of the side plates to make them look even about the monitor. Using a 3/8 socket wrench and secure them with No. 10 flat washers and 10-32 locknuts.



5.     Connect the power and the VGA cables to the monitor. Then secure them with the 5 tie wraps onto the holes in the Omega bracket. Use the wire cutter to cut off the excess ends of the tie wraps.



6.     The assembly is now ready to be mounted unto a 19" rack. Use the 10-32 X 5/8-inch black screws provided.




7.     If you have any questions or comments, please call Harry Lee, 805-484-2454 or e-mail to